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Hyper Island Way Course

The Hyper Island Way – Lead, collaborate and develop

I participated in the Hyper Island Way course last week and shared a video of one of our final Feedback sessions on our Instagram. It was by far the best performing post in a long time, receiving lot’s of love from alumni, students, and collaborators. It seems that no matter how long ago they participated in the course, they still shared powerful memories around the experience. But why is that?

What makes employees love work

What makes employees love their work?

I’ve been writing a lot about my negative experiences on the job market – the tiring process of applying for jobs, inefficient recruitment processes, being unhappy with the corporate world in general. However, as I’ve worked extremely hard to change this (and have been successful), I thought it was about time for a positive post on work work work. I started working at Hyper Island in Stockholm this January. And what can I say – I’m in my happy place there. But why is that? What makes me (and probably most other employees) happy at a workplace? There are many articles and research on this – usually touching upon the obvious: salary, decent leadership, fulfilment – but is there more to the story? I sure think so.

Expat Lessons Sweden

Expat Lessons: Not-so-cliché Swedish Interaction Stereotypes

Since I moved to Sweden, I have built a carefully picked small circle of expat friends and a tiny circle of Swedish friends. While Sweden is usually not the first stop on my expat friends’ journey, it’s only a base for most of my Swedish friends. I can conclude, that all my friends have pretty extensive expat experience. My Swedish having this as their common ground: they are open towards the world and wouldn’t mind leaving comfortable Sweden for a new adventure (for a while). Now as I write this I can already see people panic. “We’re all open!“, they’d say, “We love to travel!” And while the travel part is true and they are generally friendly, the amount of truly open Swedes is small. Let me share some experiences.