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French Bulldog Wisdom

Things My French Bulldog Taught Me: Relationships

Bulldogs are peculiar creatures. They love everyone, approach strangers fearlessly, have no preconceptions and show off their extroverted side as soon as they leave home. They never bark – when they’re barked at, they tuck back their ears and just keep on walking. When a frenchie meets a new paw-friend it carefully sniffs, greets and maybe – depending on the mood and time of day – tries to engage their counterpart in some playing. However, different from most other dogs, it looses interest in the new found friend pretty quickly and re-focuses on its owner or the ball it’d been chasing. This tells an awful lot about the french bulldog’s approach to relationships.

Thing my french Bulldog Taught me

Things My French Bulldog Taught Me: Persistence

  A French Bulldog is a special kind of dog. It’s stubborn, always hungry (yet selective) and has an unlimited amount of energy – until it finds a cozy spot. When it does, the Frenchie can snooze for an unlimited amount of time completely neglecting its bladder. The French Bulldog is generally more interested in fellow humans than fellow dogs. Fellow humans? Yes, I am 100% sure, that French Bulldogs believe they are human. Maybe that’s why you can learn a whole lot from them. This installment explains what my French Bulldog taught me about persistence. You can learn a great deal of awesome things from your Frenchie, but persistence is one of its key attributes. It’s also one of the attributes I lack myself. Here’s how my Frenchie helped me.

Dog People vs Cat People

The Truth About Dog People

The internet is full of articles claiming to explain differences between dog people and cat people. After reading through way to many of them (e.g. one, two, three), talking to friends and evaluating what I know about dog and cat people, I want to put an end to wrong facts circulating once and for all.