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Personal growth is one of my biggest ambitions. It’s vital for me to feel my existence is meaningful. It’s exciting – there’s so much to learn out there.

The 5 Stages of Turning Down a Freelance Offer

The 5 stages of turning down a freelance offer

Before I started freelancing I always thought getting business would be the hardest part. Turns out that’s not really true. What’s hard is getting companies to pay you appropriate money for doing business with them. Having turned down a fair share of not fair offers (pun intended), I’ve realized that it’s a quite emotional process, that usually goes something like this:

Hyper Island Way Course

The Hyper Island Way – Lead, collaborate and develop

I participated in the Hyper Island Way course last week and shared a video of one of our final Feedback sessions on our Instagram. It was by far the best performing post in a long time, receiving lot’s of love from alumni, students, and collaborators. It seems that no matter how long ago they participated in the course, they still shared powerful memories around the experience. But why is that?


8 years is a Lifetime

My sister turned 18 a few weeks ago. As I couldn’t be there in person, I wanted to write her a nice card. After some reflection, a few heavy gulps and maybe – just maybe – a tiny tear, I produced a pretty decent card plus the following: “As both you and I adore David Bowie, I want to give you a taste of the future, based on Bowie songs.