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Some say we live in a world made for extroverts. Although I do not want to agree with such generalisation, I do believe that introverts face a lot of challenges is everyday-life. As an introvert, I often feel misunderstood and experience stress in situations that would come natural to a more extroverted person. In this category, I write about my struggles and experience as well es giving tips for fellow introverts.

Introvert Job Guide

An Introvert’s Guide to a New Job

Finding a job surely isn’t easy for anyone. Tailoring cover letters and CVs, coming up with references, phone interviews, live interviews, personality tests…the list goes on and on. It can be even more challenging for an introvert. Besides figuring out what you actually want to do, you need to present yourself in the best possible light and sell your skills, while seeming like the nicest person on the planet. This can be tricky – especially since you’re also supposed to “act natural” and be yourself. What can you do, if just taking a phone call from an unknown number already freaks you out or you have to show your best side in a small meeting room while being questioned by four people? How should you answer the dreaded”teamwork-question or approach a desk in the middle of an open office? Read my advice on facing certain factors, when applying for and finding a new job. Spoiler: It’s a lot easier if you know these small tricks.

The Minimalist Wardrobe How to Downsize

Women vs Women: No Female Leaders

I was never really interested in feminism. During the time I spent studying, I was rarely confronted with any issues. Cat-calling and the like never struck me as a feminist issue (it’s sexist – a whole different story). When I was hired as an intern in a German government institution and was kindly informed later by my superior that they had only hired me because of my looks and especially hair color, that didn’t hit me as hard as it should have. I was still too naive. Living in Sweden, I had no trouble finding a job as a woman or negotiating a fair salary. Basically, I never felt a strong need for more feminism. That however changed dramatically since I started working a few months ago.

A Take On Anger

Can We Please Talk About This: A Take on Anger

Let’s talk about anger. Have you ever heard anybody say that? Me neither. There are tons of articles, documentations and talk out there about all kinds of emotional states. Sadness, fear, anxiety, loneliness, even hate. Mental diseases like depression, eating disorders and narcissism are socially accepted and the base to entire communities. But there’s very little people talking about anger. It’s not really socially accepted. At least it’s something you don’t talk about.