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Some say we live in a world made for extroverts. Although I do not want to agree with such generalisation, I do believe that introverts face a lot of challenges is everyday-life. As an introvert, I often feel misunderstood and experience stress in situations that would come natural to a more extroverted person. In this category, I write about my struggles and experience as well es giving tips for fellow introverts.

Quarter Life Crisis Books

Quarter Life Crisis – My List of Most Influential Books

In your twenties, a lot of things change. But even more than that, your perception changes. For some, this leads to frustration, angst or a full-blown identity crisis. Over the past few years, social media has helped classify this popular phenomenon under the term Quarter Life Crisis: “The quarter-life crisis is a period of life ranging from twenties to thirties, in which a person begins to feel doubtful about their own lives, brought on by the stress of becoming an adult“. Wondering if you’re experiencing this? Check here. Pretty sure this sounds familiar? Read on to find out what books I’ve found most impactful in this period of my life.

How applying for Jobs will offend You

How applying for Jobs will offend You

I published this post on my former blog, when I was first applying for jobs after Uni. The case is still very apparent, so I wanted to re-share a slightly updated version here. — In a few months, I will officially be able to call myself Master of Science in Marketing, so I have recently started applying for jobs in both Berlin and Stockholm. Although this is my first official “post-graduate” job, I have already worked full-time for around 2 years, have done various internships and have worked part-time along my studies since 2009. Besides my Marketing Master, I have been taking courses in Decision Support and Risk Analysis and also have otherwise not been lazy – using my spare time to learn Swedish or practice my SEO skills. The past weeks that I spent applying for jobs have been among the most frustrating of my life. I can call myself lucky to land an average of 2 interviews a week – however, I don’t feel too happy about that at all. And here’s why.


Accept the Underdog in You

This is a story about depression and passion. If you have one or the other or both, you will hopefully find some comfort in this. — I am the oldest of four sisters. My closest sister is five years younger than me. Then two more years and two more. This means between me and my youngest sister there is an almost 10 year age gap. It also means that my sisters are much closer to each other age-wise than I ever was. They could always play with each other, while I was too old to fit in. I am the inbetweener. Somewhere between my parents (the adults) and my sisters (the kids). I fit neither of those classifications most of the time. It made me feel awkwardly out-of-place, even though back then I couldn’t name the feeling.