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I’ve been an expat all my life, first moving across countries at the age of 5. I pride (and pity) myself on moving on average twice a year, not rarely across borders. At the moment, I am living in Sweden and am planning to stay – a perfect moment to write down and share some useful expat wisdom.

the original expat

At the core of the original Expat

I believe that most original expats have a strong flee instinct, paired with a pinch of adventurousness and naivety. We move because we believe it’s going to be so much better there than here. We move because boredom scares us. Because we enjoy being the underdog. We need to explore and challenge ourselves and, above all, experience. When talking about original expats, I mean people that move across countries more than once. That don’t move for the love of a person or because their employer asks them to. I’m talking about all the people that move just for the sake of moving. Apparently, this is rare or used to be rare, as often times when I end up in conversations about my moves, people keep asking me about the ‘why’. There is no simple answer.

Expat Lessons Sweden

Expat Lessons: Not-so-cliché Swedish Interaction Stereotypes

Since I moved to Sweden, I have built a carefully picked small circle of expat friends and a tiny circle of Swedish friends. While Sweden is usually not the first stop on my expat friends’ journey, it’s only a base for most of my Swedish friends. I can conclude, that all my friends have pretty extensive expat experience. My Swedish having this as their common ground: they are open towards the world and wouldn’t mind leaving comfortable Sweden for a new adventure (for a while). Now as I write this I can already see people panic. “We’re all open!“, they’d say, “We love to travel!” And while the travel part is true and they are generally friendly, the amount of truly open Swedes is small. Let me share some experiences.

The Minimalist Wardrobe Second Hand Stockholm Thrift Guide

Stockholm Thrift Stores: The Ultimate Thrift Guide

As an aspiring minimalist, dedicated eBay-Seller and environmentally conscious individual, I discovered the beauty of thrift shopping around seven years ago. I had just finished high school, had zero cash and still wanted to change my look 100% every other week. Back then I was living in Dresden, Germany – a place which is neither famous for great style nor budget friendly thrift stores. In 2009, there were two second hand shops in the center and the prices were higher than at H&M. That’s when I started thrifting online on eBay or German Kleiderkreisel. However, when buying clothes online (no matter if first or second hand) they may not fit. And usually you can’t return anything you buy from private sellers. That sucks. The glory of cheap and fabulous thrift stores hit me, when I started travelling to Berlin frequently on the weekends. Now, Berlin thrifting is a story by itself, so let me keep it short by saying: There’s a lot and there’s something for everyone. The Berlin experience made me a dedicated thrift store finder. …