Age is no crime
but the shame
of a deliberately

among so many
wasted lives


About Prenzelholm
Twenty-something German. Raised in the US. Living in Sweden. Crazy for David Bowie, troubled writers and beautifully crafted worlds.

YES, PLEASE! – Dogs – Coffee – Books – Interior Design – Minimalism – Breakfast – Autumn – HELL, NO! – Holidays – Cold feet – Public Transport – Waiting – Purple – Current Politics

I’ve been writing all my life. However, at the point in life where remembering what your passion is most matters – after school when you decide for studies – I didn’t stick up for myself. I listened to all the people advising me to study something “proper” so I could make loads of money later.

When you’re only 18 you listen to grown-ups. I don’t do that anymore. But then I did.

I studied engineering and later business and marketing. I ended up being pretty good at all of that and can now shove both a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Science in your face. Cool, ain’t it?

Although I am one of the few lucky ones that can write for a living, I miss writing for myself. So I decided to start this blog. A space for me to publish words so dear. I want to write about all kinds of things, experiment with words, analyse myself and the world around me. Prenzelholm is meant to be an outlet for ideas, opinions and of course a portfolio of great content.

If you like my storytelling, follow along and feel free to share my stuff. If you want me to write for you, please contact me and lets talk about it.

Make sure to check out my portfolio, if you’re looking for a great Copywriter or Content Marketer – nicoletells.com