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Things My French Bulldog Taught Me: Relationships

French Bulldog Wisdom

Bulldogs are peculiar creatures. They love everyone, approach strangers fearlessly, have no preconceptions and show off their extroverted side as soon as they leave home. They never bark – when they’re barked at, they tuck back their ears and just keep on walking.

When a frenchie meets a new paw-friend it carefully sniffs, greets and maybe – depending on the mood and time of day – tries to engage their counterpart in some playing. However, different from most other dogs, it looses interest in the new found friend pretty quickly and re-focuses on its owner or the ball it’d been chasing. This tells an awful lot about the french bulldog’s approach to relationships.

Always Friendly, Never Pushy

The french bulldog teaches you to always meet strangers with respect. Carefully get started and only intensify the conversation, if the counterpart is positive. Trust your nose on this! Don’t get carried away. Not every nice person you meet is your new best friend. Grow your network, but don’t be pushy and remember: there are many dogs in the doggy-park!

Skip the Bullshit

A bulldog is confident. It knows what it’s worth and won’t listen to anybody bringing it down. If the frenchie meets someone with a bad attitude (wuff, wuff) they back off, ignore and continue with their stroll. No offense taken. Nobody likes everyone, so don’t take it personally if someone can’t stand your smell. At the same time, don’t waste time on people who don’t value your company. A good relationship is a two-way street.

Prioritise (important) Relationships

Bulldogs have a good memory and will play primarily with the dogs they know, before opening up to a new dog in the park. At the same time, they will always have an eye on their owners and drop all interaction to keep up with them. They rank relationships. Family first.

What can you learn from this? A new doggy-friend wants to buy you a drink. Great, but make sure that this doesn’t interfere with plans you’ve made with old friends (in the frenchie’s case: its owners – in your case: your best friend or family or partner). If you already have a date with somebody you have a strong relationship with, don’t cancel it. Schedule a different date with your new friend or ask if you can bring them along.

French Bulldog Wisdom

My french bulldog Murphy destroying her new bed

Be Sensitive

The frenchie is a great listener. It observes its home and owners carefully and notices if something is wrong. It will adjust its needs to the situation. When I’m sick, Murphy stays close to me, warms me and is ok with shorter walks. When I’m feeling sad, she follows me to make sure I don’t feel alone. Of course, you shouldn’t follow your friends everywhere, but be sensitive to their feelings and help them where you can. This will make them feel important and will strengthen your bond.

Of course, these are pretty obvious lessons, that most of us (should) learn at an early age. However, they are easy to forget, so many relationships suffer. Sometimes it’s good to take a moment and look at personal bonds from a different perspective. Your bulldog’s perspective may just be the best point of view. Wanna learn more from your bulldog? Read on.

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