Month: November 2016


Accept the Underdog in You

This is a story about depression and passion. If you have one or the other or both, you will hopefully find some comfort in this. — I am the oldest of four sisters. My closest sister is five years younger than me. Then two more years and two more. This means between me and my youngest sister there is an almost 10 year age gap. It also means that my sisters are much closer to each other age-wise than I ever was. They could always play with each other, while I was too old to fit in. I am the inbetweener. Somewhere between my parents (the adults) and my sisters (the kids). I fit neither of those classifications most of the time. It made me feel awkwardly out-of-place, even though back then I couldn’t name the feeling.

The Minimalist Wardrobe

The Minimalist Wardrobe: Workwear

Depending on your field of work, you may feel pressured to have several different dressing options ready in your wardrobe. If you work in a representative role, dressing appropriately is essential and the same may apply to specific sectors like finance or legal. Even if you have a classic office role, fashionable colleagues can urge you to keep up with your outfits. But how do you do that without buying new pieces every few weeks? Here’s how.

Short Story Creatures of the Wind

Short Fiction: Creatures of the Wind

A piece of fiction about a girl. A battle. A party. An emotion. I have shown this story to several people and was told that it was kafkaesque. It switches perspectives and narrators to underline ambiguity. Read and see if it works for you. * „Are you gonna drink that?“ I looked up surprised at the guy with the dark voice. „What?“ „Are you going to drink that damn beer or just let it go to waste in your hand? It’s gonna be warm as piss soon if you keep gripping it like that.“