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The Truth About Dog People

Dog People vs Cat People

The internet is full of articles claiming to explain differences between dog people and cat people. After reading through way to many of them (e.g. one, two, three), talking to friends and evaluating what I know about dog and cat people, I want to put an end to wrong facts circulating once and for all.

Dog People are Extroverted

This seems to be the most common perception of the major difference between dog and cat people. It’s simply false. I’ve met hundreds of dog owners, I know many of them personally and I have barely met any extroverts. Most of them love being alone with their dogs, being out in rural areas where you meet no other people and would much prefer spending time by themselves or with their pets over spending time with other people. Yes, dog owners are frequently “forced” to interact when meeting other people with dogs, but only very few actually enjoy this (myself included).

In fact, my experience has shown that most people owning dogs are introverts. They don’t get their energy from spending time around people, so choose a pet to accompany them instead. It looks less weird to walk outside with your dog than alone.

Dog People are Less Anxious and More Outgoing

Yes and no. I’m an anxious person and can be very out-going, however, would choose not to if I don’t have to. Getting a dog has helped me simply deal with my anxiety (more forced interaction, more responsibility). This doesn’t mean that I am less anxious. It’s about the approach to things: deal with it or don’t. I’m definitely not more out-going just because I talk to other dog owners now and then. In fact, I still usually try to avoid conversations.

Dog People Seek Companionship, while Cat People Seek Affection.

Bullshit. I’m sure both “types” want both and can get both from cats as well as dogs. Of course, a dog may get more excited to see you and can actually go places with you, but a cat – I’ve had cats – can definitely make you feel the same kind of bond. It’s simply limited to your home. I actually believe that you get more affection from dogs than from cats by the way.

Cat People are More Independent, Dog People are More Obedient.

How are you independent, when you can’t be away from home that long because you have a cat waiting? A dog you can actually take with you. The same goes for obedience. A cat is clearly less obedient than a dog, therefore would automatically make dog owners more dominant than cat owners, who usually don’t even try to teach their cats anything.

There’s a bunch more of these so-called facts and truths out there and I could go on and on about this, however, will stop at this point. What’s your opinion? Are you a “typical” dog or cat person or do you agree with me? Let me know below.

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