Month: September 2016

The Minimalist Wardrobe How to Downsize

Women vs Women: No Female Leaders

I was never really interested in feminism. During the time I spent studying, I was rarely confronted with any issues. Cat-calling and the like never struck me as a feminist issue (it’s sexist – a whole different story). When I was hired as an intern in a German government institution and was kindly informed later by my superior that they had only hired me because of my looks and especially hair color, that didn’t hit me as hard as it should have. I was still too naive. Living in Sweden, I had no trouble finding a job as a woman or negotiating a fair salary. Basically, I never felt a strong need for more feminism. That however changed dramatically since I started working a few months ago.

Thing my french Bulldog Taught me

Things My French Bulldog Taught Me: Persistence

  A French Bulldog is a special kind of dog. It’s stubborn, always hungry (yet selective) and has an unlimited amount of energy – until it finds a cozy spot. When it does, the Frenchie can snooze for an unlimited amount of time completely neglecting its bladder. The French Bulldog is generally more interested in fellow humans than fellow dogs. Fellow humans? Yes, I am 100% sure, that French Bulldogs believe they are human. Maybe that’s why you can learn a whole lot from them. This installment explains what my French Bulldog taught me about persistence. You can learn a great deal of awesome things from your Frenchie, but persistence is one of its key attributes. It’s also one of the attributes I lack myself. Here’s how my Frenchie helped me.