Are you looking for a simple creative outlet to deepen your reflections? I believe poetry is the perfect creative outlet for anyone who wants to take their self-awareness to the next level. Turn your thoughts into beautiful stories – for yourself or to share with the world.


Embrace your creativity.

Learn to write poetry.

Poetry has been a major creative outlet for humans throughout our existence. Just as art, poetry has developed dramatically throughout the past centuries, influenced not only by major happenings in history and societal trends but also by a wide array of styles different writers have contributed to its practice. Today, poetry is defined by each individual, making it one of the most accessible art-forms available.

With mindfulness becoming a more and more vital part of everyday life, poetry is quickly increasing in popularity. A simple, yet beautiful way to manifest epiphanies and share ideas, observations and emotions.

Have you always been fascinated by how some authors are able to accurately portray emotions? You can learn that. I believe anyone can be a poet. All you need is a few tools to get you started, along with encouragement on this continuous journey of self-discovery. And that’s exactly what you’ll receive by taking part in this workshop. The workshop is suitable for writers as well as beginners. It’s suitable for you who wants to try out a new way of expressing yourself and for

The workshop is suitable for experienced writers as well as beginners. It’s suitable for you who wants to try out a new way of expressing yourself and for you who wants to enrich your writing with emotions and personality.

What you’ll learn

  • Increase self-awareness
  • Tools to ideate & unleash creativity
  • How to interpret poetry
  • Give and receive constructive feedback
  • Tools for creative writing


Hi, I’m Nicole and I’ve been writing all my life. I began writing poems in first grade and never stopped. Today, I write poetry every day as part of my reflection. When I’m not writing poetry, I write other stuff in my day job as a Content Marketer and Copywriter.


Poetry Mornings – Spend your Sunday morning with poetry. 4h workshop including snacks.

Full-Day Poetry Lab – Deep-dive into the practice of poetry. 8h workshop including snacks.